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NYSC is an abbreviation for National youth service corps. It is a compulsory one year service for Nigerian graduates whether home or Foreign trained. Graduates are  mobilized into different sectors of the economy where they work for one year that is what it means. Some of the sectors they work in are Education, Agriculture, Public offices to mention but a few. The aim of this is to inculcate the spirit of selfless service to the community and to emphasize the spirit of oneness and brotherhood of all Nigerians irrespective of cultural or social background.

     “Nigeria gained her independence from the British in the year 1960 as a federation that consist of three regions. The North, West and East under a constitution that provides a parliamentary form of governmment whereby the queen of England was the head of state.

    Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe was appointed the Governor General and was only representing the Queen of England while Alhaji Tarawa Balewa was the prime minister. He was the one with all the powers because Nigeria was structured under the same structure as the British parliamentary system.

    In the year 1963, Nigeria became a republic and Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe became the first president of the country while Alhaji Tafawa continued as the prime minister. The first Republic was filled with corruption, ethnic politics and sentimentality and nepotism. As a result of this, a small group of army officers in the year 1966, six years after independence, mostly south eastern igbos led by Major Kaduna Chukwuka Nzeogwu overthrew the government in a coup and assassinated the federal prime minister and premiers of the northern and western regions. 

    The federal government that assumed power after this under Major General aguiyi Ironsi was not able to quiten the ethnic tensions or produce a constitution that was generally accepted. Matters got worst when Ironsi abolished Nigeria s Federalism and established a unitary form of Government.  As a result of the existing tension and fears, there was a counter coup masterminded by the Northern officers. The coup removed aguiyi from office and formed a new government under the leadership of Major General Yakubu Gowon.  The frequent killings of the Igbo s in the north made thousands of the igbos to flee from the north and return back to their homeland, the south east.  It was so bad that the military governor of the Eastern region late Col. Ojukwu described the counter coup as brutal and planned annihilation of officers of the eastern region. Due to the fact that the head of state Gowon could not stop the attack against the eastern side, Col Ojukwu declared the eastern region an independent state by the name the Republic of Biafra on May 30th. The government saw Ojukwu s declaration as a rebellious act against Nigeria and this led to the civil war which started in 1967 and ended in 1970. 

     In an attempt to rebuild the country, Gowon created something called 3R’ s which means reconstruction, rehabilation, reconciliation. It was during this that Gowon in the year 1973 created the national youth service scheme which is aimed at encouraging and developing common ties among the youths and promote national unity”(nysc Nigeria, 2016).

I am going to be listing out some pros and cons of this scheme based on my own personal experience since I am currently doing my youth service


1 it gives that sense of belonging

This is a big yes, once I put on that uniform, I feel like a first class citizen. 

The respect you get once you have that uniform is totally satisfying if I should say.

2  it promotes national unity

I totally agree with this one because with the help of this scheme, I have made new friends from different tribes of Nigeria and also known many things that I would not have known without this scheme. It has helped me to a get a better and deeper understanding of other s culture and also respect it. 

3 it prepares you for the future 

This scheme gives you a sense of responsibility because you have to leave your comfort zone and also leave your state and go to a state that you don’t know anything about and stay there for a year working. This is certainly going to help in the future when you finally Kickstart your professional life. By doing this now, you will get used to it and it might not be that difficult in the future when you finally switch.

4 innovative ideas and entrepreneurs 

As a entrepreneur, you can meet people with the same mindset as you in nysc and as a result of meeting them, a business might be formed.  Nysc also has an entrepreneurship development programme and also have loans available for those that wish to start up a business.

5  Skills acquisition 

Nysc has a programme called SAED which stands for skills acquisition and entrepreneurship development. In present day Nigeria, the chances of a white collar job is slim and that’s why nysc came up with this scheme which can help people learn and develop new skills that would be useful to them for the rest of their life. Skills like bead making, tailoring, hair dressing,  farming (fish, animal) to mention  but a few.

6 life partner

As funny as it sounds, I have actually heard stories of people that found their life partner during nysc so for those that are looking for one, you never know who you might just meet.

7 Travelling and mini touring of Nigeria

This is for those like love travelling like me. Thanks to nysc, I have done a little touring of Nigeria. I ve been to Abuja, kano, Kaduna, kogi and Edo where I currently serve and all this would not have been possible without nysc.

8 Free accomodation


Some disadvantages of this scheme are

1 Stress

The stress involved with this scheme is too much. From arriving to the orientation camp two to three days after you have seen the state you have been deployed to and to getting your corpers uniform and settling down and also going to your ppa and getting an accomodation. Everything is quite stressful and you must be very patient in nysc.

2 payment of allawee 

Allawee as it is fondly called is a monthly stipend given to Corp members by the Federal government every month. The amount paid to Corp members is barely enough to survive on and also some states always delay their payments to Corp members. I remembered the first Allawee I received in camp, everyone was just refreshing their Internet banking to see who will get the money first and as soon as someone got his, everyone started saying congratulations to the person and some people went as far as screaming and jumping when they saw theirs.

There are many more advantages and disadvantages of NYSC which was not mentioned but I am going to leave it for others that have experienced nysc to contribute.

I am not saying that the scheme does not have many challenges but the pros outweighs the cons. So personally saying, it should not be scrapped.

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